Logo Pleijboza Boomzaden & Wildbloemen

Pleijboza was founded as a sole proprietorship in 1981, in 1992 it converted into a limited company. The management is conducted by Pleijboza Beheer BV with Reinder Pleijter as owner as well as major shareholder.

Pleijboza is specialised in the harvest and delivery of tree, shrub, wild flower seeds and plant stock. Pleijoza’s main objective is to supply seeds and plants of the best quality to nurseries, contractors and government bodies for forestry and landscaping purposes within the EU.

Pleijboza actively tries to improve the quality of its service and continuously invests in innovation to contribute to a more sustainable and beautiful forestry and landscaping environment within the EU.

80% of the turnover at Pleijboza is through the EU, mainly the countries of England, Belgium, Denmark, Germany and French. An important customer outside the EU is South Korea.

Wild Flower and grass seeds are currently mainly supplied to contractors and government bodies in the Netherlands, however opportunities to supply other areas are always considered.